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Over the next days we are giving out more than $5000 to the people who earn the most stars during our event (Top 100 users will be credited).
🔥 Special 5,000 Coins Bonus
Post any kind of video on TikTok or Youtube explaining the website and promoting your code/link with any title and include the Hashtag #FreeSkinsCom somewhere. To claim your reward contact our 24/7 support at the top right and send them a link to your video. You need 20 or more stars in order to get credited.
You get one or more star(s) for any task that has been completed by yourself or new users who have registered using your link/Promocode after the challenge has started.
Please note: Only offers worth 1000 or more coins do count. You get one star for every 1000 coins of the completed offers worth.

Feel free to promote your code anywhere outside of Freeskins, but make sure that you only earn stars for completed offers. Your code can be found and changed below.

  • Someone who has used your Promocode completes an offer worth 2300 coins -> You receive 2 stars
  • You complete an offer worth 4800 coins -> You receive 4 stars
  • Someone who has used your Promocode completes an offer worth 750 coins -> You receive 0 stars
Please Note: Some sponsored users can’t take part
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